All posts for the day September 26th, 2020

Saw a pretty good movie that I picked up at Wal-Mart. Looked like a direct-to-video kinda thing…”Rogue”. Picture a pack of grizzled, battle-hardened mercenaries out to rescue a kidnapped leader’s daughter in the middle of an African country…and they’re led by Megan Fox. No, I’m not being silly, that was Megan’s role…essentially Arnie’s role from the first “Predator” movie (without any sci-fi; this was an “action” movie).

Oh, and there’s a lioness hunting them down. A really, REALLY bad CGI lioness. 😛 It’s actually pretty good, as much shit as I’m giving it, and Fox was her usual enjoyable to watch. Yes, I actually liked “Jennifer’s Body” and Fox in it…she actually can carry a movie better than most give her cred for.

I also saw “The Island” (MUCH better movie) with Scarlett Johannson and Ewan McGreggor…which was a Michael Bay movie. Too many secrets to spoil if you haven’t seen it already…it’s AWESOME! Two-and-a-half Stars out of Four for “Rogue” (but it’s still watchable in a “it’s so bad it’s good” kinda way) and Three-And-A-Half for “The Island”. By “Tolstoy’s Reviews”…the end (mic drop). 😛

Stacie Snow for today.