All posts for the day October 6th, 2020

I’m writing this on Monday…I’m told that this week is “Customer Service Week”…a week where we all celebrate the diligent and oft-abused people who work in customer service jobs. People…don’t be abusive when you’re out there. If your hamburger takes longer than usual to be ready at the fast food joint, just wait…..

BE NICE. It’s a pity I feel I need to even say that, but as a former customer servant who was driven from the job just because he felt more like a whipping boy (and not in the “I’m into it” fun kinda way) and someone there to heap humiliation on than someone who mattered, I can tell you all that being a Customer Servant SUCKS…”The Masses Are Asses” is a saying that will stay with me forever…and if I could have 5 minutes alone with the asshole who coined the phrase “The Customer Is Always Right” I’d kick his ass from Arizona to the Antarctic. 😛

Seriously…be NICE to your Customer Servants this week. Tip extra. Even go far to as just say “Hi” to someone. You’ll make someone’s day. 🙂

Brooke Thomsen for today. 🙂