All posts for the day October 7th, 2020

So. I had the *weirdest* dream last night…I was at FetCon 2021! 😛 Rarely dream about the business, but this one was in that realm, definitely.

I should mention that I fell asleep the night before watching YouTube…and the “Angry Video Game Nerd” channel, specifically. AVGN (as it’s normally said…or just “The Nerd”) reviews bad video games and rages about them. Anyway…same hotel as always…I somehow got past check-in (more about that in a bit) and went to a room. For some reason, I didn’t want to walk all that much, so I spent the entirety of the dream doing “zoomies” on a wheeled stool, pushing myself around and wheeling past folks. Saw several classes…and that’s about when I ran into Nyxon…who for some reason was acting as an interviewer, interviewing The Nerd! He was telling her about all kinds of bad games…I left the conversation as he was beginning to rage about “Cheetahmen 2” (that content was playing on YouTube when I woke up…must’ve been influencing my lightly asleep mind…lol).

I suddenly realized that I hadn’t checked into the hotel yet (oops…why’d they let me in in the first place???), so I zoomed on my stool off to do that…and ran into Candle Boxxx (no, not literally…stopped the chair before we met up)! She was headed to a shoot and couldn’t find her COVID mask to give me a proper “Hello”, so I told her I would catch up with her later.

Finally arrived at the front desk…but as I was checking in, I didn’t see Mike, Genesis or Vesta (event organizers). I was asking about where they were when I woke up. Bizarre…I miss the event more than I realized, I guess…I didn’t get to go there this year (COVID, of course) and I just felt I needed to…hence the dream. Pretty pleasant, actually. 🙂

Cali Logan for today. 🙂


Bonus shot…did this composite showing both sides of the rig. 🙂