All posts for the day October 12th, 2020

I think my Chicago Bears are trying to kill me. 😛

Football, of course…they’re 4-1 right now, with their wins being by no more than 4 points per game, and always seemingly in the 4th quarter. Wasn’t able to watch the game they played Thursday, but looking at the scoring tells me they had a 14-13 lead at the half, scored nothing in the third, allowing Tampa to get to a 19-14 lead by the fourth, and the Bears won it there by scoring 6 points. Makes for a thrilling game, I guess, but my heart ain’t as young as it used to be; how about a blowout, guys????? 😛 That’s pretty much how all their games’ve been…win it in the 4th.

In gaming, I’ve started a new game of Fallout 4 and made it to Level 29…which means it’s time to get a sweet set of X-01 Power Armor! After Level 29, a suit spawns in an office building in downtown Boston…but to get to it, you have to defeat two HEAVY customers in a Sentry Bot and an Assaultron. No mean feat…gotta get to it now. 🙂

Sasha Fae for today. 🙂


Dave Annis cameo, here. 🙂