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Well…as of this writing, I still have a C4S page…maybe I was over-reacting? 😛 Hope so…tho it’s likely any new clips uploaded will get either heavily censored or outright deleted; we’ll just have to wait and see.

Talking about another over-reaction, looks like the Inauguration went over without a hitch. And if you haven’t seen Lady Gaga belt out the National Anthem, you owe it to yourself as an American to look it up online…OMG, I still have chills/goosebumps; it was amazing and incredibly respectful. “Respectful?” you ask. Yep. It just gets on my nerves when people add pauses, sing it like it’s an operetta, etc. Drives me crazy…yes, you’re on the national stage, but just sing the song, K? (And we won’t even mention what Roseanne Barr did…oh, wait, I did. :P)

Anyway. Was talking about this set with Stacie Snow on my Twitter…enjoy! How about I split the looks…I did this with rope and with tape as the binding material…how about I do two pics of each?


  • (Please take note. This is an ongoing situation, and as this writing is part rant, I may get stuff wrong here and there. I’m pretty pissed off right now. As the writer of the piece, I reserve the right to update/correct it as is necessary. Thanks for your understanding.)

Not TOO clickbaity a title, huh? 😛

Soooooo…that title is based off this little gem we all received from the C4S Admin page:

Because of that little edict, we would even have to ask a gal if we can gag her, let alone do any proper roping. Jus’ sayin’.

How did this come to be? Believe it or not, this relates to the recent crash of PornHub (no, I’m not kidding). Let’s re-cover ground (and please point out any errors I make to me in the comments to this piece below) to get some proper perspective…

The way I remember it, The New York Times did an expose on the worst kind of content that was being uploaded to PornHub. Actual, real-life rapes. Runaways being forced into making content, revenge porn…you name it, it was probably a part of it. Visa and MasterCard were already skittish about bondage and the like, but this? This whole thing put consent in the spotlight. Tho it’s the illegal stuff that got them in trouble, PornHub is being overly-cautious about bondage stuff as well.

Visa pulled out their support of PornHub (believe it or not, that damn hellhole did have content you had to pay for, so PornHub used Visa and MasterCard for merchant support) almost immediately, MC soon after. PornHub responded by purging millions upon millions of illegally uploaded content from their site to get back in the merchant’s good graces…stuff we producers had been asking for the removal of for years, but they said it was too difficult or some gobbledy-gook to do. It stayed at just that for a while, but I think we bondage folk all knew there was something else coming down the pike for us, and it has arrived.

See, the new owners of C4S, “MindGeek” are also the owners of PornHub. Yup, completely true. So, while it took a bit longer than expected (my opinion here), the rules they enforced there are being enforced at C4S as well. Not sure what it’s gonna mean and how quickly this’ll spread across their site (they deleted millions of vids overnight on PornHub, so I can’t imagine it’ll take them too long), but eventually all your bondage favorites, be it me or Dave Annis, or RopExpert or any of the others…we’re all “dead producers walking”, as far as how much time we have left at C4S is concerned, it would seem. 🙁 Seeing as how all the content got clobbered at PornHub, it’s not too hard to draw a conclusion that we’re next because of that edict above. Time will tell.

MIND YOU: The bastards don’t own our own individual sites, so ain’t going anywhere…we’ll just have to upload our content to our main sites, I guess. :/ Assholes.

“Day to day” for the time being, I suppose. If there’s something bondage you wanted from my C4S page (or ANY bondage C4S page), get it now while you have the ability to do so. :/ I can only imagine all of us moving to some site like “ManyVids”…one site’s tragedy is another’s boon, I guess. :/ I’ll keep you all posted as things change.


Well, it’s happening today. Of course, I’m talking about the Inauguration of Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. I just pray that all my anxiety and worry is for nothing and it goes over smoothly without any insurgent nonsense.

Scary movie…

Anyway. Drea Morgan for today.


So. By Wednesday of this week, it’s official and we have a new President. But be ready…I just have the nagging (paranoid) feeling that the insurgents will be planning something for the Inauguration. They need to do it with the participants INSIDE at a safe location. I’m not even worried about a riot, I’m thinking long-range idiot with a sniper rifle, tho none of his crazies seems bright enough to hold one.

Speaking of crazies. The dude with the horns on his head and painted face? His lawyer spoke out, demanding that Trump PARDON his client for his crimes. Why? Trump INVITED him to the Capitol Building for the riots after all! He was acting on an INVITE, so he should be pardoned.

You can’t make this stuff up, sometimes.

Stacie Snow for today.