All posts for the day January 3rd, 2021

From what I can gather, I took these shots at the FetCon of ’07…geez, 14 years ago, come August, and likely my second FetCon. CRAZY how time flies! Come October of this year, I’ll be in the business 15 years, believe it or not!

Anyway. Paris was a DOLL…and one of the few regrets in my career. At the time I took this, Paris was running a “Paris, The Vampire Slayer” site of some kind due to her looking similar to Sarah Michelle Gellar (“Buffy” was in first runnings and way popular then)…I always thought I’d be a great fit for “Vampire Thug #1” in a set/vid because of my height/weight; would’ve loved to fill that role for one of her shoots. 😛

Paris The…I mean, Paris Kennedy for today. 🙂