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Fucking FetLife. I honestly don’t know why I stay on that site. :/

I have it in BIG red letters on my page (if you’re there, I go by my usual “TolstoyTony”) that I’m a man who takes pictures of women. Does that deter some fuckers? Ah, nope. Coming to you here after having a young dude (who looked a little like a certain blond male YouTube star with maybe half his already minimal brain power) hit on me, thinking me Sasha Fae, who’s pic is my main one on the page.

Now, before you chastise me for not having my own pic as the main one, I use FetLife for model networking…and I want my best foot forward when a model comes to my page, so I always make one of my strongest pics available my avatar one (first impressions and all, right?). Plus, if folks weren’t too neanderthal-brained to actually READ THE PROFILE, they’d read a missive in BIG RED LETTERS proclaiming me a man who takes pictures of women, and not a woman looking to be some idiot’s cum slut. Just…OY.

I think I’m getting soft in my old age, tho…I wrote this in response:

“Y’know what? Maybe you should read profiles before making advances like this.

Tell you what. Give my profile a read…especially the big red letters that tell you what gender I am, and what I do for a living.

Have a nice day. :)”

Younger me would’a told him right out that he just hit on a fellow man and challenged his sexuality a little bit…maybe he likes guys if he’s on FetLife hitting on them? Ah, well. And you guys sometime say you wanna be me…here’s part of the package. 😛

Terra Mizu for today. 🙂


(PS: To the phrase: “who looked a little like a certain blond male YouTube star with maybe half his already minimal brain power”; there’s a reason I didn’t name him. He’s VERY popular and with an audience made up mostly of 10-year-olds; not even being funny there. I didn’t want folks searching his name on Google somehow winding up here; last thing I need is children coming to this blog. He’s a blond doofus with an even more doofusey also-blond-haired brother and they’re both VERY popular on YouTube; that’s all you get from me.)