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This one…you guys might wanna sit down to read this piece.

Many years ago, namely my 2nd or 3rd FetCon, I met a charming and beautiful soul who went by the model name “Lexi Richelle”. Lexi was a doll…you hear that phrase that there wasn’t a drop of hate in someone’s body; I feel they had Lexi in mind when they coined the phrase. Sweet as all get out, she lit up every room she entered.

I did get a second shoot with her and always pined for a third…a few days ago, I learned that this will be impossible because of the most tragic of events…Lexi has been murdered.

Dude made some awful mistakes in trying to make it look like a suicide. He used a regular handgun to shoot her, then put an AR-15 short barrel gun in her hand. And speaking about hands…he put the gun in her left hand when Lexi was right-handed. To top it all off, he was filmed throwing the actual murder weapon into the woods near his home…this guy was no Hitchcock when it came to planning a crime, it seems. All the better for his victim’s family, as they don’t have to go through a “Lexi wouldn’t kill herself” situation with police.

The asshole in question is in custody and will be going down for the crime. More can be read here about the whole thing:

I’m shocked beyond measure over this and it’s left me in a bit of a somber mood of late. Even tho I haven’t seen her in years, I’ll miss that little ray of sunshine…

Rest In Peace, Chelsea. You were loved. 🙂

This is a bit of my favorite set that I lensed with her. You’re gonna have to put up with the pink rope for this one. 😛 I’m not linking the pics back to my site with this one; that’d be crass and dishonor her memory; shouldn’t be looking for memberships with this piece. 🙂


Rest In Peace, sweetheart…I’ll miss you. 🙂