3 comments on “Leap Monday…Shannon

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Ahhh, the lovely Shannon. I do hope she comes home one of these days. I look at the second picture in this set…WOW! It would take a man of strong convictions to remember the purpose of rolling the lady over on her tummy was to until her.

  2. Shannon looks great in Tony’s ropework here. And like Art I too like the second photo showing Shannon’s “thigh gap” and tight ass underneath her denim miniskirt.
    And Tony I can sympathize with getting your “PG” online alias (in your case twitter) mixed up with your R/X rated alias. HATE it when that happens! Actually left a comment on this blog with my PG alias (but it was long ago enough that I don’t think it can hurt me). And it IS an alias thank goodness!

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