4 comments on “Saturday : Arielle Lane

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Arielle is amazing. The two of you do great work, Tony. I hope this is the first of many sets.
    Hint, get something to eat before you hit the grocery store. If I don’t I buy the store out.
    As wonderful as Arielle is, I can’t wait to see Chrissy tomorrow!

  2. Going back thru Tolstoy’s “back catalog” here for stuff I missed the first time. Glad I did, Arielle looks HAWT in her bikini, even before the ropes come out! HAWT is “hot” with an accent for those who were wondering. It’s a quarter to two in the A.M. as I type this in N.Y. I’m a little loopy.
    Oh and Art’s book is wishlisted in my Amazon que (at least three positive reviews too – way to go Art)! Best wishes to all.

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