2 comments on “NEW STUFF! Arielle Lane

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    This lady is amazing, Tony. I swear those legs go on forever, as shown in the first picture here… and very nice looking in the bargain. I do hope we see her often. The Choker is getting to be a signature look for you, and smoking hot may I add. I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it with the other ladies.

  2. Tony, sorry I haven’t been responding much of late – just spent ten days on the road, and am beat, to say nothing of my hip killing me.

    Arielle Lane has a nice contrasting look – not-huge natural breasts, long legs and dark hair make her look a LOT like Lois Lane in… oh, a Lex Luthor Bondage Fantasy, maybe?

    Too bad you can’t get Clancy Brown to do Luthor for you….

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