4 comments on “Tuesday : Janessa

  1. Morning Tony Janessa new she’s really cute … Yeah I watched the whole debate Lester did not do a great job I agree but Donald looked like LIL Marco with the water at least Hillary looked Presidential and she actually answered the questions with policy not I agree with the Secretary or the same non relevant crap he has said all year I still don’t know for sure yet but i’m thin king she is more stable and in this time period stable is a good thing to have and trickle down economics never worked before and it will not work now and that is exactly what Donalds policy plan is his 15% tax break would kill the USA

      • Well at least I have the pleasure of seeing and you and Dave got the pleasure of rigging her and who knows maybe someday she will call 🙂

  2. Glad to see the blog is up and going again, thanks for sharing this btw, janessa is a cutie, sad to hear she doesn’t do bondage anymore

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