3 comments on “Thursday : Stacie Snow

  1. I slept late to missed the DR this morning but I feel much better now that I have nurse Stacie Snow ( i’m thinking a Halloween costume ) lol have a nice day Tony

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    I was heart broken when I heard Stacy had retired once and for all. This set with the red dress is delightful.

    If you folks have wondered where I went to, about a week ago we lost all phone and internet service. When I got to where I could call it in (Cell phones don’t work on the Ranch) it was two hours before the weekend started. Imagine my surprise that no one came rushing to our aid.
    We went all weekend, Monday, and most of Tuesday before they discovered the problem.

    Have you seen those little signs utility companies sometimes put out that say basically, “Don’t dig here fool! Buried Cables!”? Well, the fool using a auger to dig post holes didn’t either. He cut right through the buried phone cables. It took another day to repair all the damage, but I’m back now!

    • OUCH! Even in ***an apartment complex*** this happened to me. Came home from a FetCon only to find that I had no internet. Unplugged and replugged in my router (the year prior, same situation but it was a router malfunction…doing this fixed it) to no avail…called my internet service company and it turned out to be a wiring problem. Looked out my window and there was a digging path right next to one of those cute little green boxes that jut from the ground…yah, that was my internet. 😛 Fortunately they had me up and running in a jif. 🙂

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