One comment on “Today’s Catch? Pantera Noelle

  1. Yeah getting your nose back to the groundstone SUCKS doesn’t it?! Sorry you have to go back to your day job (just tweeted something about coffee minutes ago in another tab). -SLURP!- Love java. Great Pantera Noelle samples – love how her ankles are tied crossed (I would love to see you do that with a model’s high heels still (tied) on). Love the topless shots, appreciated that you showed (ahem! non-members) how Pantera’s arm’s are tied in the third pic. Holy @#$%!!!!! GOT ROPE?? Sheeeeet, if I lived anywhere near Tuscon (sadly not the case) I know where to go if I need to “borrow” some things (and a cup of sugar and oh yeah when you done with can I juuuussst “borrow” her for……)???
    Heh, heh heh Fun to think about but never gonna happen, if I even met one of the models that grace your webpage I just be a stuttering, stammering fool anyway. Besides my girlfriend wouldn’t KILL me (I think, only ’cause there’s no PAIN when you’re dead) but then again she does have a plot picked out if I screw up badly enough. The joys of dating a woman half Irish/half SILCIAN (could’a just said her Dad was from Italy but Noooooooo!)! Cue up the random mob movie/Godfather lines in my subconscious. Hmmmmm, maybe just maybe I don’t need coffee this morning after all?…..
    NAAAAAAGGHHHHHH!!! 😉 -Slurp!- (love my morning coffee)
    Tony when ya get a chance PM me about customs (no fair for Art to have all the fun), and remind me about DVD’s and what ya charge for postage now-a-days. I figure $7 aughta cover the shipping but what do I know? -shrug- It’s a quarter to nine AM in Lwng Guyland as I send this…

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