2 comments on “FetCon…On my way!

  1. Hopefully someday you’ll get to work with Emily Addison again. Wonder if she’s still a brunette or if she’s gone back to blonde (lady looks good with the brown hair). But with Emily’s curves who cares?

  2. RE:”I’m writing out Thursday through next Monday’s posts ahead of time as I’ll prolly be shooting and/or partying during the day. Just want to be absolutely certain that a post goes to the blog every day…” Ya know Tony you can skip a post here and there. They don’t have to be daily (not that it isn’t appreciated, don’t get me wrong)! 😉 Now that I have decent internet back after TWO @#$%!!!! YEARS!!! I’ve got a lot to catch up on… Might be moving to a new place in two months or so, which will start the horror of mail forwarding and setting up internet service all over again (-groan!-)! Happy (future) wife, happy life I guess….

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