2 comments on “Today’s Catch? Candle Boxxx

  1. Glad you made mention of Sept 11th (touch of class there Tony)! Cool that you got a deal on Benny Hill DVDs (funny how somethings just SKYROCKET in price and others don’t). Love how Candle Glencoe is tied here (is that her other screenname/nom-de-plume or am I getting my models confused)? Like how Candles arm’s are tied behind her back (guessing her elbows are tied also – too lazy to look through my TucsonTIed membership JPEGs right now)! R-E-A-L-L-Y like how her snug crotchrope is looped to her bound ankles. Wish you would tie more of your models like this (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). Maybe I should order a custom? See http://tucsontiedblog.com/?page_id=360
    Hope everyone is getting thru the start of hurricane season okay. Getting rain showers cast off from Hurricane Florence (which is nothing compared to a direct hit – been through a few, Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Gloria in 1989? being the worst)! Don’t worry it’ll blow over soon (-sorry!- SORRY)!! 😛

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