4 comments on “Retro Bondage: Emily Addison

  1. Your FIRST photo shot with Emily Addison? Well light photos, good rope work (could’ve had some elbow/chest bondage but you can’t have everything). But Emily looks brunette here (which I understand is her current hair color) and she looks great! But in the Hooters waitress shoot she did with you http://tucsontiedblog.com/?p=16792 she was a blonde. Which came first? Inquiring minds want to know! 😛

    • This one was the first shoot, happening in 2006, while the Hooter’s waitress, French Maid, Schoolgirl, and secretary in pink rope all happened in ’08, I believe. The shoot portrayed in this blog was my first with her. 🙂

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    I love this set, but I didn’t realize it was your first time shooting with Emily. You folks make a great team.

    • +1 to what Art said and thanks for the Emily/TucsonTied itinerary Tony! Much appreciated! Even if I can’t find any sign of Emily Addison on Clips4Sale or UnlimitedBondage (as of this writing anyway). 😛

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