4 comments on “Retro Bondage…Samantha Lynn

      • Glad you like it Tony. You might want to consider doing a post with ore info (if there is any) on how Samantha Lynn ” walked in and practically walked out of the stage after the same FetCon” sounds like a good story behind that. Might want to edit the ” I believe…BELIEVE…she got herself a boyfriend who demanded she quit the biz” I mean yeah you put the emphasis on believe it’s her boyfriends fault she rietired (selfish, lucky S.O.B.)! 😛
        KInda difficult to put something on the ‘net and then say don’t quote me. A whole boatload of celebrities have gotten in trouble over stuff they tweeted thanks to the #MeToo movement.

        • Somebody told me (I don’t remember who…that’s part of the problem) that her guy wanted her retiring. (shrugs shoulders) Since I don’t have literally anything else of the story, that’s how it’s gonna have to stand…what I wrote about her is literally all I know. (shrugs shoulders again) Bleh. 😛

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