One comment on “Today’s Catch? Stacie Snow

  1. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend Tony! Just starting mine. It’s hard (no pun intended) to choose but I think I like the first and third samples out of these the best. First one Stacies looking at the camera with an almost “why did you do this to me” damsel in distress expression. The third sample she’s not looking as “distressed” but you can see how well (and tightly!!) her legs are tied, how her wrists are tied crossed(?) behind her back, and I’m loving how the breast rope harness is showing off Stacies wonderfully perky, natural beasts!! 😛 -drool!-
    You can see Stacies knees reflected in your case of war game miniatures(?) maybe in future photos sets (with other models of course unless Stacie comes out of retirement) put a mirror there or some sort of reflective coating/sheet instead??? Or not – just a passing thought (and a nitpicky one at that)! Great stuff as always, thanks for putting these samples up on your “weekend” off time hope you had/having a good one. It was raining cats and dog’s this morning (screwed up some photo plans I had, nobody pretty like your photos though). Was getting some cast off storms from Tropical Storm Michael. But it stopped around noon and looks like Sat/Sun (“my” weekend) is going to be decent weather albeit cooler than it was a couple of days earlier. Fine by me I have a busy two day’s ahead, helping my girlfriend (who doesn’t drive) move into a Condo. Once she’s settled I’ll be following in November/December(?) which will screw up my high-speed internet again (-SIGH!-)! Sorry about the wall of text

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