One comment on “Today’s Catch? Dez

  1. Hmmmm, quote Tolstoy”Following yesterday’s theme of “feels like”…”
    Betcha there are LOT’S of guy’s who would like to know what Dez feels like
    Sorry -SORRY!- SORRY!!!! No offense meant. Just trying to express that Dez is a lovely model!
    Like the little black dress. Love the bandanna cleave gag with a nice thick knot tied tightly in her mouth (but not as tight as the ropes encircling her ankles, above & below her knees, a nice snug crotchrope which is pinning her bound arms to her back. with a breast harness s-q-u-e-e-zzzz-i-n-g her wonderfully God given breasts out.
    -SIGH!- Great stuff (hope Dez finds herself in your ropes again soon)!

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