2 comments on “HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sasha Fae

  1. I’m surprised you haven’t tied up Ariel yet – she and Hywel still show up at FetishCon, don’t they?

    I have to admit, being on Twitter with them I was pleasantly surprised to see Ariel’s not only Hywel’s wife, but also his lifestyle subbe – nice to know some couples are living the D/s life 24/7. Reading her tease him about how tight she tied his bowtie for going out on Christmas was hilarious – and kind of adorable.

    Hope your 2019 is full of prosperity, and a partner who not only enjoys what you do but you as well….

    • I don’t know if they fo FetCon or not…tho a few years back I THINK I had breakfast with them at a con, back when it was in Tampa rather than St. Pete. Not certain about that.

      Thanks for the well wishes…hopefully we can all be prosperous this year…and, yah; a play partner would be nice. 🙂

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