One comment on “Today…Drea Morgan

  1. Nothing wrong with getting your blog(s) done in advance Tony! Love the pizza story, don’t think I wanna KNOW which pizza chain you’re referring to (although I can guess). New York pizza is the best, one thing about NY I’ll miss when I (eventually) move.
    Believe these (excellent) photo samples are from “His Choosen Captive” or maybe “Looking for Adventure”? Gotta collect them all! 😛
    Keeping my fingers crossed that Drea Morgan ends up back in your ropes. Believe Lew Reubins discovered her(?) – he tied her pretty tightly too. If I recall correctly according to Lew, Drea not only took tight bondage like a champ (my words not his), but took it like a champ! :O
    -SWOON!!!- My kinda girl! -SIGH- 😉

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