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  1. Great Colbie samples! Like the first chairtie and the third sample pic where Colbie has her legs bent and is looking helplessly at the camera (HOT)! Was under the (mistaken) impression that she had retired as her main site hadn’t been updated in a while. Happy to be wrong about that. Are Colbies JPEG/MPEG’s with you available on TucsonTied.com main site? Weighing my options for getting my Windows PC repaired/replaced and how I’m going to rebuild, back up my data and files (-SIGH-)! Can sympathize with your internet woe’s as I have to “sneak a peek” on my finance’s Macintosh and can’t download @#$%!!! Cut and paste is a pain in the @ss on a Mac too. Yeah I’m strictly a Windows guy (tried Linux from time to time, always came running back to Windows).
    14 d-d-d-degree’s in Long Island, NY right now. Cold snap is making people do (tweet?) some crazy things see https://mydisneydorks.com/2019/01/31/disneys-elsa-arrested-in-illinois-for-bringing-subzero-temperatures/
    Did I mention that I can’ t download photos right now? Anyone want to save the Elsa Arrested Meme pic’s for me? 😉
    Least the Colbie samples will keep me warm….

  2. Colbie’s “main site” is UniqueRope for those who don’t know (she’s on Twitter too but unable to look her up right now). And I believe you can find her on Flickr.com – Search for “Mr Pictures Man” or try cutting and pasting this link https://www.flickr.com/people/47352617@N08/
    Hope you get your internet speed situation fixed soon Tony! So the weather in Tucson, AZ is 70 degrees Farenheit?? See https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/USAZ0247:1:US Hmmmmmm, might want to visit – did I mention it’s in the teen’s going down to single digits in Long Island tonight??

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