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  1. Just getting caught up on TucsonTied posts…Tolstoy quote,”Sunday through Tuesday on, then Wed. & Thurs. off…then the rest of the week working. Scheduling is interesting…” uh, YIKES! Hope you’re getting decent overtime pay in your paycheck for that (and what happened to weekend’s off)??
    Getting my Win7 laptop back from my local Thought it was a virus or an electrical problem (as the laptop case was separating at the upper left corner). Turns out the hard drive was dying. Wouldn’ t have guessed that as Windows 7 doesn’t seem that old a system to me. Anyway it’s now sporting a 1TB drive (YEEEESSSSSS!!!!), he fixed the crack in the case, backed up all my (surviving) data (probably scorched the guy’s retina’s with all the porn I have on that thing – but maybe he found all my retro Commodore 64 games/emulators amusing! 🙂 ), and I should>/b> get it back tomorrow afternoon. I’m a happy camper! 🙂

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