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  1. Arielle Lane certainly does spice it up!

    If you did storyline bondage videos/sets, I’d recommend casting her as a reporter in a trenchcoat, snap-brim hat, hose & heels, white shirt & men’s tie, and a pencil skirt – and she either gets caught, stripped to her hose & heels while bound & gagged, or she finds the price for the information is to let herself be bound & gagged by her source….

    Yeah, I still miss not shooting bondage videos – not that I don’t understand all the problems everybody still in the business is having.

  2. Agree with DR Darke 110%!!! I have a trench coat I could lend ya Tony! Or ya could try https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/east-german-military-surplus-trench-coat-new?a=2145583&_br_psugg_q=trench+coat – cheapest one’s I’ve seen!
    Would love to see Arielle (or a bunch of other ladies who’ve modeled for Tucson) in business suit/short pencil skirt, heels, stockings, garters – captured, tied and progressively undressed (struggle out of her clothes?) and get retied in further prediciments! Either in the set (MPEG/JPEG) or following sets??
    Sorry to hear you’re not producing anymore DR Darke!!! CentaurCelluloid is retired and living off their back catalog, Sara Nychols retired and took almost all of her material with her, etc. etc. Makes me wonder if I could revive/resserect three hard drives I’ve pulled out of Win98SE, WinXP systems before I scrapped them. I wonder….

    • Stryder – I’m sorry too, but RL took a turn for the worse, both financially and ::sigh:: reputation-wise. Not mine – but other members who are performatively Anti-Porn and Anti-Sex Industry Workers, who they “know” are all victims of human trafficking!

      • I hear ya DR Darke it’s not a “friendly” atmosphere right now. And we all can agree that women need to be respected – it’s fantasy, NOT torture or anything like that. But with mainstream “Fifty Shades of Grey” who knows? Not crazy about that movie series, even less so about it being marketed to teenagers! Mixed messages to put it mildly! IE:Respect me, I’m not that kind of girl – oh wait? You’re going to buy me nice things? Well okay tie me up, tie down (different movie) and go nut’s!”
        Tony’s scathing review was far better. Tough day at work. Drama at home, lots of stuff going on…

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