3 comments on “Pantera Noelle 2

  1. Oh more Pantera?!!! Yes please! Just a quick reply finance’s looking for attention. love the first and third samples were Pantera has her head tilted back with her lips wrapped around the gag (love the panty peek in the third sample too)! Great legs, love the short skirt, strappy high heels and oh yeah – the topless breast harness!! -SWOON!- Excellent work
    Wish I had time to search around and find a link to her material on http://www.clips4sale.com/store/30889
    Gotta go, drama ensuing at the homestead!! 🙁

  2. Pity she retired – she was not only attractive, she was totally into the bondage and the drama of it.

    I remember writing you before I knew who she was and calling her “Amazon in Bondage”, b/c she always had an air of a tall, muscular woman secretly yearning to be bound & gagged and submissive. You wrote me back with some amusement saying “She’s not tall! She’s got good muscle tone, sure, but she’s really pretty short….”


    • Photography’ll do that. Before I met her, I thought Candle Boxxx an Amazon as her pics made her look really tall…the top of her head falls under my chin when I gave her hugs. 🙂

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