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  1. Happy 54th birthday Tony! This Godozilla movie looks to be pretty good. Didn’t care for the 1998 version (although the scene where Hank Azaria almost get’s squished is pretty good)!
    Let know what ya think of the movie Tony! Looking forward to the latest X-Men movie too. Have to wait ’til the summer movies come out on DVD at the local library ’cause you know BUDGET WOES! Speaking of redheads Stacie looks great tied without her bikini top (what a perky rack that lady has)!
    Again Happy Birthday Tony!

  2. Happy 54th Birthday? Geez, I got over a half-decade on you! Happy , Old Sport!

    Let us know what you think of GODZILLA,KING OF THE MONSTERS. I have the 2014 GODZILLA ON UHD Blu-Ray, and I actually enjoyed the suspenseful build-up to Big G’s first full-on appearance – but a lot of people grumbled that they didn’t get All Kaiju, All the Time! I also own the Criterion version of the original 1954 GOJIRA on Blu, and really liked it for the build-up – even the US re-edit doesn’t really screw with that part (aside from adding 100% MORE Raymond Burr!).

    This movie is supposed to give the (many US) fans what they want – Kaiju coming out its ass. Love to hear if you loved it, or just liked it and felt it either needed to be shorter or have more story…

    Stryder – I hear ya, man. When I have money, I tend to buy a LOT of 2nd hand Blu-Rays or DVDs so I have a library – except for that splurge late last year, when my Midwinter present from my wife and friends was a 55″ UHD w/HDR-10 and Dolby Vision High Dyanmic Range. I could have bought a cheap sound bar from what was left over, but I bought a bunch of UHD Blu-Rays instead, figuring I could live w/the set’s build-in audio until I could afford a Dolby ATMOS Sound Bar (yes, they make them – most use technology pioneered by Bose to simulate 9.1 audio, while a few have wireless satellite speakers that you can easily stick on walls or ceilings).

    And that concludes the Film Criticism and Home Theater Tech version of this discussion.

    While I’m not big on bikini bondage, if anybody can carry it off it’s Stacie Snow – who is, I presume, happily married and doing massage therapy, & getting tied up by her husband on Date Night…

  3. Happy 54 Tony and many more my friend I hope you enjoy your movie I am not a huge fan of Godzilla myself but my dad has a huge collection of them so many in fact he still even has them on VHS and watches them I try to tell him he can watch them on Netflix or on PS VUE but yet he still uses that old vcr and says he likes the grainy old look of them …..lol

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