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  1. AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON, Tony? For shame!

    Watch KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE instead – it’s much more consistently funny, and in its Kung-Fu movie lampoon A FIST FULL OF YEN manages to not only hilariously kid ENTER THE DRAGON, it’s a lot better martial arts movie than just about all the ones made in the US, and well over half made in China!

    • I have both and love them equally. 🙂 Funny thing…Amazon Women is only available (from what I could find) as a blu-ray in PAL (British only) format and not in the states, while Kentucky Fried is already in my collection as a blu-ray. Hopefully, I can someday get Amazon Women as a blu-ray too…

      • You know they make Region- and Area-free Blu-Ray players, Tony – also, you can play it on your DVD-ROM drive b/c many players apps (like Leawo Blu-Ray Player) offer easy settings to play those.

        That said – no, I didn’t know AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON wasn’t available in Blu in the US. I’m really surprised to hear that, honestly….

        • Yup…I almost bought the movie, then saw it was PAL only…bummed me out. I’ll expand my search tho…see if it just wasn’t available from that specific source. 🙂

  2. Ah, me – I just looked up AMAZON WOMAN ON THE MOON, and see it’s considered a direct sequel to KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE.

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