3 comments on “Stiletto

  1. So who’s this lady I’m seeing you with, Tony…?

    And do did you shoot any sets with her ballgagged, or is it tapegags all the way down?

    “Stiletto”, eh? Can’t wait to hear more about her.

    • Yah, I don’t post near enough about this gal. 🙂 “Stiletto” (her name choice… lol) worked for me twice in a myriad of outfits/gags…I believe I have some ball gag stuff with her.

      She was “early Tolstoy”, so there’s a spattering of colored (blue) rope in her pics, along with some of less-rope bondage and non-topless. Far as I know she may still be active…need to check if I still have her in my FetLife friends or not.

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