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  1. Glad you made it to your “weekend” Tony!
    Tomorrow’s probably gonna be rough, being the eighteenth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Think I’ll click around TucsonTied.com main (since I’ve finally rejoined) and see if I can find the membership pic’s/video’s of this C.J. Molina set (or ANY of her work with you really – another model that never seemed to take a bad photo)!

  2. Stryder, I know! I lived in NYC when that happened – in the West 90s (about 5 mi. uptown), but still it was awful. I remember finally going out in the mid-afternoon to go shopping, and seeing a long line of people trudging up Broadway like the War Dead from Abel Gance’s J’ACCUSE. (If you don’t think you know it, you know at least that scene – it’s often used to illustrate how horrible war is – https://youtu.be/pO_M8zfIe6I .)

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