2 comments on “Stacie Snow

  1. Maybe you should try some more tape bondage sets in the future (although sadly not with the lovely Stacie Snow). Did you only do tape bondage with two models (see yesterday’s blog) because it’s a pain in the @ss! to tape up models or because it’s not your “style”?? Love an effective tape gag (preferably with cloth mouth packing). Damsels must mmmmmppppphhhhh!!! properly! 😉

    • Tape bondage is just not my style. I can DO it, obviously, but I’m not a fan of the look, much the same as straps, belts, chains, etc. I’m just a rope purist, I guess. 😛 Good news for you is, i just stocked up on microfoam tape for gagging and I’m gonna be doing packing the mouth a LOT more. 🙂

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