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  1. So it’s dress up day at work tomorrow – but you get to skip it ’cause you’re off Tuesday/Wednesday anyway? I’m confused…??? Or maybe I’m just dazzled by Sasha Fae’s beauty in these great chairtie samples, spilling out of her dress showing off her perky rack. And the arm bondage in the second sample (not too models can it that tight)!!! :O Love the snug crotchrope with vibrator tied in too. Sasha’s one of those models (like Magenta, like Pantera Noelle, like Drea Morgan, etc. etc.) I’ve never seen take a bad photo.
    Tomorrow’s Oct 1st only five more days until TucsonTied’s podcast on October 5th at ByTheRope.com !!!
    And of course with October coming up it’s a good time to download “The Trick IS the Treat!” with the lovely Sasha tied all kinds of ways at http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/30889/7178837/sasha-fae-long-play-the-trick-is-the-treat-640×480 Happy Halloween! Muh-ha-h-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!!!!

      • Thanks for the reply. KNEW you set most (if not all) of your blog posts ahead of time – just was (like I said) confused as to the timeline. Speaking of which, looks like your podcast came out Rocktober 1st – COOL! Off to listen

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