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  1. Quote,”We may have had her recently, but fuck it…Stacie Snow for today.” Oh I WISH I “had” Stacie Snow!!!! 😉 Wait, what? Oh you meant PHOTO’S my bad (cue wah, wah sound)!
    I was going to ask ya Tony if the Coronavirus had hit AZ. I was laid off Friday due to the Coronavirus and NY State Governor Mario Cuomo INSISTING that jobs reduce their workforce (D@MN @@@HOLE)!! Vacation is great but I’m sitting at home with my wife with little cash wondering how we’re going to pay the bills. Was already late with a car payment due to a mail screwup. Thank GOD I have my car loan going to a P.O. Box and not my physical address – that’ll make it harder for them to tow my car at least. Just my luck New York state is the worst hit of all the fifty states right now. Cuomo has been quoted as saying this “house arrest” (my words not the Governor) might last NINE MONTHS!!! :O :O Aaaaaaiiiiirrrrrrggghhhhh!!!!!!! I’m three day’s into this and I’m already climbing the walls. Tried to go to the NY State unemployment office 9AM sharp this Monday morning as I got my walking papers Friday. Was promptly kicked to the curb by two polite but firm police officers. Wanted to file in person and try to update my resume. Ended up filing at home online (thank goodness) for the internet. Still need to print/update my resume, but with unemployment closed, ditto Kinko’s and the library’s I’m stuck right now. Trying to download LibreOffice on a old, cranky Windows Vista laptop so I can read my Microsoft Word files.
    THANKS for your daily blog updates and the double-dose of Stacie Snow. She did a FANTASTIC lotus tie in this set (would love to see you tie other ladies like this). Always good to see your work with Stacie. Love the snug duct tape gag (and Stacie’s expressions) and the just as snug crotchrope attached to her tied ankles. Very nice! Like in the rope breast harness too. But Stacie always good work. Stay safe everyone, take care of each other and (for those who don’t know) stock up on canned goods, tissues, soap, hand sanitizers, and toilet paper (I SHIT you not)! 😉 Luckily I had purchased TP in bulk before all the COV19 craziness broke out. Wish everyone the best. Sorry about the wall of text everyone (Tony feel free to edit to your taste – rude as hell to out chat “Tolstoy”)! 😉 Stay safe everyone and appreciate your loved ones.

  2. Stryder, that sucks — can’t your job be done from home? Or is your company one of those who are taking advantage of the pandemic to lay you off or, worse, “furlough” you (where you have no hours, but you’re not laid off so you can’t GET Unemployment — and they don’t have to pay for it, either!). Cuomo’s treatment is heavy-handed, but NY State already has the biggest pool of infected people in the US (because NYC is a global hub, and lots of people who pass through NYC don’t live there, but live upstate someplace) — so maybe a heavy hand is what’s needed to stanch the immediate threat.

    That said, I would hope he’d follow it up quickly with something like a temporary expansion of Unemployment to cover Contract and Gig Economy workers for the duration, or even a temporary UBI for all residents. If people ask “HoW wIlL We PAY fOr iT?” — I seem to remember Wall Street just got a $1.5 TRILLION “Stimulus Package”, so we can clearly pay for THAT!

    Stay strong, man — This Too Shall Pass. In the meantime, you and your wife enjoy the time to catch up on movies or television shows you haven’t had time for yet, or Finally Start Suffering and Write That Symphony! (Watch SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN for the reference.)

    Tony, I’m glad to hear you’re still working, and can, in theory anyway, work from home when the time comes. Pity you can’t do any shooting while you’ll be at home so much — I saw Nyxon just dropped a video using the Coronavirus as the excuse for her to tie up her roommate(!). (But what about Social Distance…? 😉 ) I wondered if the model, Slyyy, was staying with them to shoot when everything shut down, or if she lives with them, or what…

    • @Dr Darke Telecommuting not available for MY job. Some are lucky enough to be able to do that. I know teachers who are still working doing telecommuting to the (few) students available and doing paperwork – but at least they’re still employed (very few outside of Grocery stores, Fire Dept, Police, Truckers are at work right now). NY waived the waiting period that “traditional” unemployment had. And surprising the website stuttered once of twice but I was able to complete my unemployment application online (good thing too, as that’s literally the only way to do it)! :O
      Quote Dr Darke ,”That said, I would hope he’d follow it up quickly with something like a temporary expansion of Unemployment…” Well they DID waive the traditional waiting period for unemployment. That said it’s only my third day out of work for me. I was paid for Friday and others were sitting at home before me – the commute was NOTICEABLY quieter, right before I got the axe. Schools were already closed at that point. It’s ironic NY Governor Cuomo WANTS to be president some day (like his father before him) sooooooo bad – it’s obvious the way he addresses the state/how his speeches are – but he’s bunting and demanding the Federal govt./Trump release ventilators that are stockpiled and otherwise step up. Other than waiving the traditional waiting period for unemployment and shut down schools, businesses (the economy) and look high and low for ventilators – Cuomo hasn’t done much on his end (in my opinion). Its March 25th the evening of my fifth day unemployed “sheltering in place” as I type this. I’ve been ranting on Twitter (a lot) and Facebook (some) too.
      Quote Dr Darke ,” I seem to remember Wall Street just got a $1.5 TRILLION “Stimulus Package”, so we can clearly pay for THAT!” Amen and Hallelujah Dr Darke anxiously awaiting Congress to stop @#$%!!! around and pass the stimulus bill Minority Leader Pelusi is holding up. Hopefully Congress will pull their thumb out and pass it Thursday/Friday? But that’s nothing new – I recall ranting at the news during one of the sequestration/budget squabbles when all Federal services came to a screeching halt. But anyone in the military (never served myself I’m sorry/ashamed to say) had to show up do their duty AND NOT GET PAID! Meanwhile Congress was getting their paychecks on time (-disgusting- in my opinion). But as you said,”This too shall pass”. I have food in the pantry, a roof over my head, not behind on my bills (for now anyway) and a wife who loves me, and who lets me put her in the “fuzzy cuffs” once in a while. Things could be FAR worse – I could be in Italy…. Thanks for letting me vent *Rant ends*
      Quote Dr Darke,”I saw Nyxon just dropped a video using the Coronavirus as the excuse for her to tie up her roommate (Slyyy)” Well THAT’S creative! 🙂 I’m guessing the ladies shot it at home with a web-camera or something? Unless Nyxxon blogs/tweets about it or tells the tale to someone you/I know (like Tolstoy) I guess we’ll never know. Pity that, sounds like an interesting tale (-shrugs-).
      Stay safe everyone and stock up on hand soap, toilet paper, canned goods, eggs (they dissappear fast) and other food stuff/essentials before the Coronavirus visits your state and people start panicking and stripping the grocery stores BARE! It’s like something out of the history book about the Great Depression right now! Take care everyone

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