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  1. Jessica Simpson In ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Has Nothing On Darling Nikki In Her ‘Daisy Dukes’ And Her Big Breasts and Her ‘TOLSTOY’ Ties!

    • +1 to spankfunfor‘s comment (although I wouldn’t OBJECT to seeing Jessica Simpson at her “pre-pregnancy weight” tied and gagged in daisy dukes)! But Nikki Darling is waaaaay hotter (shame Nikki’s retired I understand)…

  2. I’m strictly a PC gamer, (don’t own either a Playstation or an XBox) so take this with a large grain of salt…. But I for one would skip Resident Evil 7 (unless you find it at a really cheap price)! Ya could always trade it back in later, if you regret your purchase I guess… But I’d skip it.
    Lovely samples of Nikki Darling in her daisy duke demin cutoffs and sexy top showing her cleavage to full effect. Video clip at https://estore.surfnetcorp.com/store/UnlimitedBondage/products.cfm?fullid=1F38B457-EF1D-FED9-436DDCC1C9CAC47E&id=0 even MORE Nikki Darling video at Clips4Sale see https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/30889/tucsontied/Cat0-AllCategories/Page1/SortBy-bestmatch/Limit10/search/Nikki%20Darling

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