2 comments on “Good Monday Morning To You All!

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Talk about a comeback. Not one, but six beautiful ladies. Most are old friends, but I don’t recall seeing Madelyn Rose as your ‘Guest of Honor’ before.

    I would have said the same about Laura Lee, but when I looked into my files I discovered an old picture you had taken of her some time back. Is Laura still active? How about Madelyn or Andrea? I would love to see Andrea back, great legs!

    • I only did one shoot with Madelyn…mainly because she’s an East Coast gal who never travels. If you wanna see more of her, she’s worked a great deal with Roy Hobbs’ “The Hidden Agenda”; just Google that. 🙂 He’s how I found her. I’m uncertain if she’s active or not, tho. Laura Lee is VERY active in the field, and we see each other every FetCon. 🙂 I’d love to work another shoot with her, but budget always seems to get in the way, sadly. 🙁

      Andrea is completely retired…and I wish she wasn’t. 🙁 I hope she’s doing well, wherever life has taken her. 🙂

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