4 comments on “Rest In Peace, My Dear, Dear Friend

  1. Tolstoy T:
    It is a hard hard thing when you lose someone that is close to you, either a relative or otherwise relative, friend, buddy. One needs to know that he is in a better place and never again will fear pain or discomfort or any non-pleasant ways that can torment.

    I copletely understand and I am of the utmost opinion he will be deeply missed. Look up at the sky in the morning and welcome to a new day in your heart. The hurt may be there but so will the knowing a friend is watching over you!
    Daniel (FantasyGirtlsNextDoor@yahoo)

  2. Was he a christian? If he was, then he’s in Heaven right now. If not, then he went to the worst place imaginable: Hell. Imagine the worst possible pain, and multiply it by a million, and that’s just a small sliver of how horrible Hell is.

    • Jonathan, not all Christians go to heaven; some so-called Christians are very un-Christianlike and judgmental among other things and thus their path to heaven is not assured. Yes I am referring to YOU. It was completely inappropriate of you to suggest on this page that Tony’s friend might have gone to Hell. You should apologize.

  3. Greetings from Texas,
    There are no words to make the pain of loss go away Tony. I know that as well as anyone. In your case you can take comfort in knowing you made your friends road eaiser.

    I was facing cancer surgery when I first wrote to you, and terrified. Cancer is the monster that hides inside you. In my case I was granted a few minutes a day of precious escape by you and your blog. I can only hope that you, and Stacie, and Candle, indeed all of the wonderful ladies you feature know that. Moments where cancer is banished from your thoughts are a gift beyond any value you can imagine.

    Take time and heal Tony. We’ll be here when you come back.

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