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  1. Stacie looks really different in that shot – she almost looks more like Ivy Manners, who I used to shoot with a lot, Tony.

    Have you gotten the xBox One yet? If so, what do you think of its trying to be an all-in-one Home Entertainment Center that Happens To Play Games…?

    • I’ll not have an XBOX in my home because of their poor customer relations during the whole DRM fracas…plus, I can’t see myself spending $100 for the Kinect when I’ll never use it, as I feel it’s just M$ trying to weasel it’s way into my home…pass. Oh, and Micro$oft? If you don’t like my saying that…”DEAL WITH IT.” 😀

      I have no intentions of getting EITHER big name console just yet…I never get them at first release. Why? Simply put, bugs. One of the reviewers I watch on YouTube (Rich of ReviewTechUSA) bought and returned TWO XBOX One’s for defective stuff…and not to only harp on M$, some people are getting defective PS4’s as well. I’ll just wait the whole thing out until both companies get over the rush to release their product to the consumer and start hankering down on making sure the dang things work proper…lol. And let’s not forget the inevitable price drop…that factors into my decision to wait as well. Made sense with the PS3, after all…remember, when it first released, Sony wanted…what, $600 for it?! And yah, that was because Blu-Ray was new tech and the PS3 had one in it; I get that…when I finally got my PS3, it was bug free and only $350. 🙂

      The whole mess with TV on Microsoft’s part? ULTIMATE ridiculousness! What is it…a game console or a CABLE BOX?! I’ve seen many a person treferring to the XBOX One as an exaggerated cable box, and I totally agree with them; it’s ludicrous! A gaming console plays games…period. This goes in with that whole, “Micro$oft wants to control your liiiiiiiiiiiife…” line of thought that enemies of the Kinect were harping about; I don’t need a game console to turn on my TV for me; I can do that myself, thank you. 😛

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