3 comments on “Friday : Sexy Stacie Snow

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Any day with Stacie is a good day, and a day with five pictures…JACKPOT! I have a confession. You know I’m always carrying on about heels, either raving about them and complaining that the lady(ies) aren’t wearing them.
    I don’t like these either.
    They look great, and the models make then look wonderful, but they just LOOK uncomfortable. That red dress on the other hand is a winner.
    All the shots in this set are great, but that last one is priceless. I have a file devoted to Stacie’s CHEEZ-IT Addiction.

    Talk about a commerical that would sell some CHEEZ-ITS!

  2. Tony – LOVE the last shot in this one! Stacie Snow for Cheez-Its – should be a huge seller!

    I’m with Art – those heels look uncomfortable as Hell, so I can imagine how they feel.

    • I’ve always said they should make Stacie the spokesmodel for Cheez-It’s as much as she loves them 🙂

      The heels were not fun to wear for them…but they got the job done. I don’t care too much for them myself either, but for some reason with the red dress and black belt and all…whoosh! This is one of my fave Stacie shoots/sets. 🙂

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