4 comments on “Monday, Monday…Sexy Sasha Fae

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    I remember this set. Not the top so much, but that wonderful gray skirt and those heels will be in my memory forever. If I recall correctly, while the lovely Sasha was expertly teathered to the chair someone tried to make a delivery to your apartment. I’ve always liked that story…and wondered what Sasha’s reaction was.

    I can’t get the last photo to finish loading. Is anyone else having that problem?

  2. Have fun at FetCon, Tony!

    I think that untied shot of Sasha is weird – it doesn’t even look like her for some reason. Her nose looks too long and kind of odd – did you PhotoShop this, by some chance…?

    • I will, m’man!

      Nope, did not shop the untied pic at all…that’s straight from my camera…only thing I did was make it a reasonable size for Internet posting. :/

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