7 comments on “The Bondage Awards

  1. You don’t need a vote just be glad that you are still
    in business.

    But you do need a pat on the back for using
    Stacie as a model.


    • I’m one of the little guys, Bill. The big guys’ll get to the next round fairly easily…yours truly is gonna need some help to be able to continue on. I am thankful to continue to be in business every day I am with this tough economy; I hear ya.

      Honestly, at this point, I would just like to go to the final stage, whatever that would be, and see my name alongside theirs.

      And thanks for lovin’ Stacie! I’ll see that she hears that you’re enjoying her work!

  2. Amen to that, Pete! I’m just thankful to any and all who continue to follow TucsonTied during this crapfest we call an economy.

    So, thank you…all of you!!!

  3. I entered you for best photographer (does Tolstoy Tony count as photographer name)? Entered Stacie Snow as best model and this blog as best free site. Hope that’s okay (expect more traffic).
    Some of my other pics were…
    Dave Annis of annisbondage.com as best comic artist (couldn’t help it – his sketches are kinky AND funny who have “thunk” it)?
    Best Retailer – http://www.sub-shop.com/
    So what does everyone think of my picks? Who did you guys select (I’m thinking of nominating imagostudios.com tomorrow for something).

  4. THANK YOU, Stryder!!!! Mucho appreciated!!!

    Yeppers, “TolstoyTony” does indeed count as a vote for me…very cool!!!Glad to know that nickname is becoming popular…lol.

    I also very much appreciate your vote for Stacie (and I know she will too when I tell her Tuesday night…MUCH OBLIGED!), and my blog as “Best “Free” site??? TOUCHED BEYOND WORDS…THANK YOU!!!

    Dave’s a GREAT choice for artist…and thank you for reminding me about Autumn; I’ll have to add that into my votes!

    Keep it comin’ peeps…the Nomination stage stays open until the 17th!

  5. You’re quite welcome Tolstoy – thanks for all the work you put in (and the kind comments). No one else is willing to share who they voted for? Shame! 😛

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