One comment on “Monday, Monday…NEW at TucsonTied…Star Nine!

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    I can’t believe I havn’t commented on Star Nine’s set yet. The lady is beautiful, but everyone Tony shoots with is. I love her expressions, gags are almost a nessary evil on this model.

    These three pictures are wonderful together. This set has always felt consentual to me rather than forced, at least to me..

    The first is the standard “step back and admire your work” after you tie her up.

    In the second it’s like she and her captor are sizing each other up. “What’s going through her mind / What have I gotten myself into.”

    To me the last picture is the lady finding out just how “tied up” she is while her captor is out of the room. She will calm down when she hears him coming back.

    Both Tony and Star did an outstanding job here bring ‘Custom Guy’s’ image to live.


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