3 comments on “Tuesday: Sasha Fae

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    From what you were saying the other day, the blog is doing fine. As many as 1,000 hits a day! Thats nothing to sneeze at.

    I love strapless or halter style dresses in bondage sets. The possiblilities are limitless.

    Tape gags are a mixed bag for me. The one time I made a serious attempt at one it worked, but looked sloppy. More to the point, the lady hated it. We agreeded I wouldn’t do that again and she would come back.

    The single strip of tape is like the ‘Detective gag’ we all grew up watching on TV, they are cosmetic at best. That does nothing for me. Most tape gags cover half the ladies face – or more, if they work at all. A beautiful woman in bondage should still be beautiful when gagged in my opinion. Excessive tape and packing ruins it.

    The gag Sasha is wearing here, like the one Stacie had a couple of days ago, looks great. I know what Tony is saying about overlaping earlier layers ot get better purchase is valid. The thing is, Tony makes it look good – that’s all that matters.


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