4 comments on “Saturday: Ashley Sinclair

  1. I think I really like this set, Tony – so what happens to her next?

    Was the custom you did the choker for one of those where the guy wanted several models bound & gagged in pantyhose, heels, gloves and a choker? Wow – that must have expensive.

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    If I need another cover shot next time you are going to Fetcon (or can invent an excuse) do you think Mr. Custom Guy would let you borrow the Choker. It’s a really nice touch.

    • I didn’t realize the choker would have such an impact! 🙂 A ***lot*** of you all have responded positively to it (not to mention the overwhelming positives at FetLife…I’ll add one to my model inventory of clothing. 🙂 Actually, I’m covered until then…Dave (Annis) has one as well, tho his has a small piece of jewelery on it, which I suppose could be removed…but I’ll get myself one anyway…it’s best to be prepared. 🙂

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