3 comments on “Wednesday : Sasha Fae

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    What is “modding” a computer game, Tony? Frankly, tying Sasha up sounds like MUCH more fun!

    Question, The hands over head tie looks suitable for long term restraint. Perhaps not comfortable long term, but workable. The ankle to wrist tie on the other hand doesn’t look like any fun at all. I’m guessing it would be hard on the back almost at once.

    I’m wondering if Sasha commented on the effects of the two positions?


    • “Modding” a game means modifying it…adding yourself new toys. It’s just making them all work that’s a bitch…lol.

      The two positions? Sasha was fine with both…I was inspired by JBRoper to put her in that one…if you look on his FetLife, you’ll see a shot of her in that pose. 🙂

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