3 comments on ““M” Rated Games and Kids…”Think Of The CHILDREN, Man!”

  1. @#$%!! Tony this post takes me back! I’m still laughing behind my keyboard as I write this…. I’m 45 years old (-groan-). I remember Pong, the Atari 2600, Colecovision (embarrased myself by doing a double take at a Stop N’ Shop by her, that was selling Retro-Colecovision consoles)! Yeah, I’m a geek.
    I remember scronging quarters out of the couch cushions to spend at the local arcade, and still have my old Commodore 64 in the closet (it might even still work) and have a C-64 emulator on both of my laptops.
    You’re right about Parents need to take more responsibility about their kids (remember the “Hot Coffee” mod for Grand Theft Auto that caused such a frenzy)? @#$% idiots! If a kid is smart enough to go online to download a patch to see (-gasp-) BOOOBS! in his video game – couldn’t he just as easily look for some (-ahem-) “real” porn (like I dunno, this site maybe)? Although I think of TucsonTIed as more “artistic”(?) if you ‘ll pardon the term, or just a harmless fetish (you tie ‘e tight, but there’s no abuse in your pic’s unlike some site’s I won’t mention here).
    Thumb’s up Tony, good post, even without sample photo’s. And I was glad to see you posted some links to purchase “a-la carte” some pics/vids of that day’s sample models a couple of blog posts back. About time Tony! Promote yourself more, your photography/ropework is among the best I’ve seen on the ‘net.
    Getting off my soapbox now (hope I didn’t “blab” on too much there)…….. 😉

  2. I think of the children all the fucking time, Tony – and I look at their parents, and I think Dogbert had the right of it when he told them they’d need to leave a few parts at the door!

    I realize parenting’s a difficult job at the best of times, and the realities of current middle-class Western life make this far from the best of times for childrearing. Frankly, I’m amazed we don’t have a lot more killer kids with zero impulse control, given Mom and Dad have to work at least full-time jobs, and the societal paradigm hasn’t shifted enough yet for most Dads to accept he has as much parenting responsibility as Moms do.

    Ideally one parent should stay home more, though I’m not about to advocate turning our backs on six decades of women’s rights! More importantly, I think maybe more couples should seriously consider just how much money and effort raising children takes before they have them, though clearly that’s a very unpopular solution to the problem. What I don’t think is that it’s The State’s job to raise your children for you – though I may be a bit more nuanced on that than, say, your average TechnoLibertarian…..

    • Yah, it’s NOT the State’s job to do…it’s the PARENT’S job…and that’s the point. I’m advocating for parents to stop BUYING the “M” games for their 12 year old here…not for the State to regulate every purchase of an “M” game. Parents taking parental responsibility…novel concept, no? Instead, thy just buy the game and bitch when little Johnny becomes foul-mouthed…crursing at the darkness rather than shining a light at it ans seeing that YOU Mr. or Mrs. Parent brought the thing to the kid in the first place. Have the balls to say “NO” to the whining of the kids…who’s the parent here, after all?!

      That said, stores, both large companies and Mom & Pop second hand stores, need to be watched SOMEhow to see that they’re complying with the “M” rating. Or the parents just need to shut the hell up and take the responsibility that they just bought their kid the technological equivalent to Scotch at a young age. That “M” is there for a REASON.

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