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  1. Got to admit – I am a bit envious. For several reasons, it’s not possible for me to make the trip to FC. Have a great time .. I know that you will! And I – along with the rest of your fans – can’t wait to see the results!

  2. While working with Stacie and mother how about
    a picture of both together with out ropes or gags
    so we can see how the look together,

  3. cd: I’m glad you bring this up!

    I do this as a practice now…10 shots before the bondage happens just to give the viewers a look at the model before the bondage happens. I do it just for the reasons you mention, actually. 🙂

    I’ll def do that…Lord knows why that didn’t happen with Brie; I’ll def make up for that when she visits me later in the month.

    YAY…I can now say, “later in the month” about august…it’s HERE, baby! Just a few more days until I’m in Florida…:)

  4. Hi Tony!
    I am a model also attending fetishcon! I have only a couple of confirmed shoots as well. I once lived in Tucson (bean and 2nd) and so I clicked your site 1st on the cons site. I am super experienced in fetish/bondage paysite modeling and know vesta, gennesis lynn as well as Mike very well. If you are interested in speaking about maybe working together, please do feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll send you my number!
    have a great time at the con!
    Molly Winters

  5. C D has it right
    A lot of sites show a close up picture of the model
    with a smile not a gag before the bondage.

    You say Stacie and her sister are good looking
    prove it with a head shot of each no gag

    thank you

  6. Stacie and her mom…I was moving too fast, and unfortunately, I forgot those shots. I’m mentally thumping myself and will get them next shoot we do…hey, it gives me a reason to shoot with them again, right? 😉

    Stacie and Brie, I’ll be CERTAIN to get some non-bondage shots. I’ll be on my own turf and thinking clearly…I won’t forget, promise. 😉

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