8 comments on “Thursday : Pantera Noelle

  1. Is Pantera Noelle as much of an Amazon as she seems in the bondage shots you and Annis take of her, Tony? She reminds me of this bodybuilder subbe I knew back when I went to S-M clubs in NYC – she looked like she could take me out without breaking a sweat, but she desperately wanted to be rendered helpless and toyed with/teased.

        • Oh…pffft. Nah, she wasn’t that tall. I’m around 6ft. tall myself and when I hugged her the underside of my chin touched the top of her head…what I like to call a “perfect fit” for a hug. I think she was around 5’4″ish and not muscularly built at all.

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    I love the comparison between Kat and Candle. Any chance you have any more Kat material? Early Tolstoy efforts are still wonderful.
    The pictures of Pantera are also a treat. I do love chair ties.

    • REALLY, Art? I do…but have never posted any of it ‘cuz I feel it’s sorely lacking versus what I do today. :/ OK…I’ll post some Kat tomorrow…just to brace ya’ll. 😛

  3. Greetings from Texas,
    Like I say, Tony, your early efforts are still worth a look. Fun to watch your development.

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