2 comments on “Way, WAY back…Kat

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    I can understand your reservations, Tony. Still, I think these are great. From a storytellers point of view, I love studying the contrast. This is bondage as applied by a (forgive me) beginner, a hobbyist or dare I say,,,, a kidnapper!
    Your skills have become second to none, but these are still fun.
    Didn’t mean to do that.

  2. Decent chairtie, LOVE the expression on Kat’s face in the second sample with the cleavegag closeup, the third and forth samples are really nice as well. The final sample pales in comparison to TucsonTied’s more recent work. But I would LOVE to have playmate tied and gagged in her denim short-shorts and sleeveless summer top. You should rotate the JPEG/MPEGS on one of your paid sites (like Clips4Sale or UnlimitiedBondage on Demand) at a discount for bargain hunters maybe? Thanks for putting these up Tony

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