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  1. I think I got very lucky, Tony – when I started out shooting I was mainly getting my models through a casting agency in New York City, Shadowplay, and because I didn’t have a bit enough office space to shoot in then I was largely shooting in their offices. So escorts weren’t an issue, really, because Stewart, the boss, was always there to make sure his girls were safe. Later, I did co-shoots with other photographers, and the models either knew the other photographers already or they knew me – and we were fine.

    By the time I got my own studio space to work in, most models were fine with coming to me directly, and rarely if ever even asked if they could bring an escort. Those times they did, I usually put him to work – either as part of the production team, or as an actor – and it seemed to work out well, mostly. Worst thing that ever happened was when a model and her boyfriend/escort, who I was using as her captor in the shoot, got into a fight…. ::oy!::

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