4 comments on “Bondage weekend, Part 1: Sasha Fae

  1. Congratulations to Sasha Fey for “Fan’s Favorite Amateur Model” according to Rope Dreams Awards 2011. Tolstoy I know you gotta be yakking this up on a Yahoo group or something – SOMEWHERE! 😉

  2. I know….I know…I’m late with this one…lol. 😉 CONGRATS INDEED to Sasha!!! I’m very proud she won and will be giving the award to her soon!!!

    While we’re talking about her…I need to confess a little something: I messed up on the spelling of her last name; from here on out, the correct spelling is: “Fae”. 😉

  3. Congratulations, Sasha! As for requests? There is a startling shortage of corsets and lingerie for your site, Tony. I imagine Sasha would look hot (literally) in a corset, garters, stockings and opera gloves. Really one can never go wrong with classic Irving Klaw style shoots.

  4. Now, it’s ironic you bring up Sasha in the same sentence as corsets as when we shot this set of work, she brought a corset with her to the shoot. 🙂

    The look you’re presenting me with is INDEED appealing…gonna have to look toward adding this soonly! 🙂

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